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Mage2’s SwishPay enhances your Magento2 store by offering a convenient payment solution through Swish, a widely-used payment method in Sweden. Customers can easily complete their orders using their Swish account or by scanning a QR code, ensuring real-time payment processing through their mobile application.

Extension is now live on the Adobe Commerce Marketplace — https://commercemarketplace.adobe.com/mage2-au-module-swish-pay.html


At checkout, customers see a popup with a link to the Swish mobile app or a QR code to scan for payment confirmation. Payments are securely processed through the Swish app and its APIs, ensuring no sensitive details are stored on your Magento instance. This integration offers a safe and seamless payment experience while minimizing your risk of handling sensitive financial data.

GDPR Compliance

Information about you as a bank customer and your transactions are only handled by your bank. If you want an extract of your information regarding the GDPR, contact your bank. This ensures that all customer data is protected in compliance with GDPR regulations, providing peace of mind for both you and your customers.

PCI Compliance

Swish’s production environment is PCI/DSS Compliant. You can find more information on PCI/DSS compliance and Swish’s security measures here. This compliance guarantees that all payment transactions are handled in a secure manner, adhering to the highest industry standards.


Swish Payment Option: Enable your customers to select Swish as a payment method at checkout, providing them with a familiar and trusted payment option.

Mobile Payment Convenience: Provide an option for customers to pay directly through the Swish mobile application, enhancing the shopping experience with quick and easy mobile payments.

Seamless Integration: Easily integrate the Swish payment method into your Magento2 admin panel for smooth operation. The extension is designed for effortless installation and configuration, ensuring that you can start accepting Swish payments in no time.